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Associate Professor of Voice, Shenandoah Conservatory Artistic Director of the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute

Monthly Archives: October, 2017

Mix it up Monday: Straw phonation explained by the man who made it famous – Dr. Ingo Titze

It seems like everyone is using straw phonation and for good reason – it works. However, do you know why it works? Today, I am sharing a series of videos … Continue reading

October 30, 2017 · 7 Comments

Pedagogical Musings: “You must learn to sing classical first”

There have been a number of posts on the Facebook Professional Voice Teachers group claiming that you must teach students to sing classically first. I responded with the post below … Continue reading

October 25, 2017 · 2 Comments

Mix it up Monday: “Important to” vs. “Important for”

I just returned from the 3rd annual Pan-American Vocology Association Symposium in Toronto, and I must say it was one of the best conferences I have been to in a … Continue reading

October 23, 2017 · 2 Comments

Mix it up Monday: Moving away from fear-based pedagogy

I have a five-year-old and a ten-month-old. They are absolutely adorable 90% of the time, but the other 10% of the time it is like watching a Mogwai turn into … Continue reading

October 16, 2017 · 8 Comments

Mix it up Monday: The acoustic reflex OR “why does everyone sing louder than me?”

If you work with opera singers or belters, you have probably encountered a student who does not understand how loud she is when she sings. I was one of those … Continue reading

October 9, 2017 · 3 Comments


This morning in the United States we woke up to news that a sixty-four-year-old man committed the deadliest mass shooting in United States history in Las Vegas, NV. There will … Continue reading

October 2, 2017 · 3 Comments

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