Matt Edwards

Associate Professor of Voice, Shenandoah Conservatory Artistic Director of the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute

Mix it up Monday: Cornelius Reid Exercises

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Cornelius Reid was one of the most prolific pedagogues in the history of the field, writing eleven journal articles and six books. However, while he was quick to share his philosophies and theories in writing, he rarely shared the actual exercises or series of exercises he used to apply these ideas. Thankfully Dr. Jonathan Yarrington dedicated his doctoral research to digging through the Cornelius Reid archive at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. According to Yarrington, “it contains hundreds of hours of audio files and a few video files of private voice lessons, coachings, master classes, and lectures given by Mr. Reid. It contains in total 683 items – lessons, classes, etc.” Yarrington listened to five DVDs worth of audio files of lessons with Reid and detailed his findings in his dissertation, which you can view online via the University of Northern Texas.

Here are a few examples:

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2

Example 3

Example 3

Thanks Dr. Yarrington for putting this together! It is an incredible resource.

Want to learn more about Evidence-Based Voice Pedagogy? Consider joining us at the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute this summer in beautiful Winchester, VA. Our faculty includes experts from a wide range of backgrounds who respect the work that has gone into all methods of vocal training and love helping other teachers learn how to apply science to tradition while also teaching new approaches. Best of all, it is a fun, positive, and supportive atmosphere where teachers are encouraged to find their own pedagogical voice to help keep the world singing.

Thanks for reading and have a great week of teaching!


Matt Edwards is an Associate Professor of Voice/Director of Musical Theatre at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, VA, and Artistic Director of the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute. He is the author of “So You Want to Sing Rock ‘N Roll” and dozens of articles and book chapters on functional voice training for non-classical styles. For more information visit 

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